Bing Lam Jung Family

Bing Lam Jung

Bing Lam Jung came to Canada in 1879 as a railroad worker. His son Fook Wing Jung came to join him in 1905. In 1912 Fook Wing Jung went back to China and married Law Shue Gui Chen. In 1913 Jack Jung was born in Vancouver. When WWI broke out Fook Wing Jung sent his wife and son back to China. They stayed in China until 1921 before moving back to Canada. The Jung family lived in Vancouver until 1922 and then moved east to Toronto when Beatrice was born in 1923 and Irwin was born in 1924. Around 1930 Fook Wing Jung moved to Waterloo and opened a restaurant on King Street. At the time they were the only Chinese in Waterloo. Law Shue Gui Chen passed away in 1933 and the family eventually moved in different directions. Jack Jung  moved to Timmins where he met Teddy Dougherty and they moved to Windsor. Beatrice Jung moved to British Columbia where she graduated as a nurse in Kamloops. Irwin Jung joined the air force serving Canada overseas in WWII.

In 1948  Beatrice moved  to Windsor and worked as a surgical nurse in the  O.R. at Metropolitan Hospital until 1955 . She was the first Chinese nurse in Windsor. In 1952 she married Daniel Yee and moved to Michigan where she continued her nursing career as a labor delivery nurse. Jack Jung had worked in various restaurants in Windsor including the famous Commodore Grill at Pitt Street. He and Teddy had two children. Gloria  became  a teacher in Windsor and John a businessman in Toronto. Gloria and John attended Dougall Avenue Public School, which is  the oldest operating elementary  school in Windsor and the most multicultural school in the district. Many Chinese children went to Dougall School. After high school, Gloria entered teacher’s college and in 1966 was hired by the Windsor School Board. Mr. Orville Mills, the principal of Dougall School at the time, was instrumental in starting Gloria’s teaching career at Dougall School to provide a Chinese presence at the school for the benefit of the many Chinese students there. She taught there for 18 years until she was transferred to F. W. Begley Elementary School and finally to Eastwood Elementary School where she retired in 1998.