Edward Ng Family

Edward Ng

Dr. Edward H. W. Ng’s family originally came from Tai Shan City, Guongdong Province. He was born in Hong Kong. He studied at Loyola College, Montreal, in 1952 and graduated from the medical faculty of the University of Ottawa in 1960. He married his high school sweetheart, Laura, in 1958. He interned and studied general surgery in Detroit hospitals and then set up a family practice in Windsor in 1962, becoming the first Chinese family physician in Windsor and later the first Chinese Chief of the Department of Family Medicine at Windsor Western Hospital Centre – IODE. In 1976, with government funding, Dr. Edward Ng, as director, set-up an acupuncture research centre at Windsor Western Hospital with Dr. Colin Wong, Dr. Chosen Lau and Dr. T. K. Cheung. Canadians were amazed and impressed by the treatment outcome.

Dr. Ng’s wife, Laura, was the second registered nurse who graduated from the Ottawa Civic Hospital Nursing School. They have 3 children: Dr. Albert Ng, Dr. Rose Ann Ng and Attorney Edward Ng Jr. Over the years Dr. Ng and Mrs. Laura Ng have worked tirelessly to promote Chinese culture in this community. In 1980, Dr. Ng and Laura, together with Windsor Symphony Orchestra conductor Mr. L. Gati and Toronto Chinese guest conductor Mr. Tak-Ng Lai, organized an ethnic concert, the Chinese Cabaret Concert at the Ciociaro Club, with resounding success. Mrs. Laura Ng was also deeply involved with the International Youth Symphony Orchestra. These and other activities have promoted cultural exchanges considerably between Canadians and Chinese. At the age of 12, Edward Ng Jr. captured the top honour’s prize in the violin open in the string division of the Windsor Centennial Music Festival in 1982. He was a traveling ambassador playing violin to school students in the Essex county.