Harvey Lo Family

Harvey Lo

Harvey Lo emigrated from Hong Kong in 1973. The very congenial restaurant owner told the story of arriving on Tuesday and going to work on Thursday. His ninety hour work weeks allowed him little time for extracurricular activities, but as the owner of “The Yummy House” he was one of several Windsor chefs who were conscripted by Windsor’s Board of Education to host cooking classes and give away their most valued trade secrets at high schools in the evenings. Often questioned by his patrons on how to prepare dishes and when one regular customer asked, “Why not start a cooking class?” Harvey thought this to be an excellent way to get to know the people he served in his restaurant. Harvey began teaching cooking in his restaurant kitchen at 9a.m. on Sunday mornings. He kept his class size small and course cost reasonable. He related, “It was not unusual for me to receive calls from my students asking for preparation help”. Assisting his patrons and students was a great joy to him.