The history of Chinese Canadians in Windsor was never officially documented until the Windsor Chinese Community sponsored the RISING DRAGON: Chinese Canadians in Windsor exhibit displayed at Windsor’s Community Museum. This exhibit brought together pieces of information from the recollections of people who have knowledge of the past and from artifacts and photographs that have been past down through generations. The virtual museum will attempt to capture the essence of the physical exhibit, expand its accessibility and utilize media applications to serve the community for years to come.

Windsor Chinese Canadians have a true Canadian tale to tell. The story begins in the shadow of their forefathers in 1788, when two ships arrived off the Pacific coast of Canada with fifty to seventy Chinese craftsmen. They helped build a fort for the trading post. What became of them is unrecorded and a matter of folklore. It wasn’t until the first recorded gold miner of Chinese descent arrived in 1858 did their story continue. It was during this same period, when thousands of mostly male Chinese arrived in Canada to better their lives. Their hopes and dreams were tied to building the western section of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Once the railroad was completed, unemployment and overt discrimination saw many people of Chinese descent move east in search of work and a new beginning. Despite a provocative immigration policy their contribution to the City of Windsor and Canada is seen through their stories of unflagging optimism, entrepreneurial spirit, and perseverance.

The viewer’s senses will be engaged with a vivid portrayal of local Chinese Canadian’s history, culture, and tradition. The virtual museum presents the exhibit RISING DRAGON: Chinese Canadian in Windsor in another medium. Participating archival, historical, educational sites have agreed to link relevant national and international issues as co-partners. Join with us on a remarkable journey and explore the stories of Chinese Canadians living in Windsor. Our story begins with the first Chinese arrivals in 1897.



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