Kipe Lee Family

Kipe Lee

Kipe Lee, Ping Lee’s younger brother, was born in Toi Shen, Kwantung, China on January 14, 1898. Kipe came to Canada on February 15, 1921 via Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon his arrival he paid the $500 head tax. From there he moved to Windsor to be with his brother Ping. For a short time he lived with Ping but eventually rented a small apartment for himself. Every day he would walk 12 to 14 miles to the Shawnee Tavern where he worked as a chef. After winning some money from the Irish Sweepstake he sent for his wife, Chan Chin Yu Lon and son, Robert Fong. They arrived in Windsor in 1945, 23 years later delayed because of the Japanese-China war and the Chinese Exclusion Act. After the arrival of his wife and son, he worked for Dragon Foods. Robert worked at Dragon Foods for a short time before he and his wife Norma opened the Flying Tiger Restaurant, then the Rickshaw Tavern, Ming’s and finally the Royal Cantonese Cuisine. Kipe died on August 12, 1990. He is survived by his wife and three sons, Robert, Daniel and Phillip.