Mok Family

Dr. George & Dr. Lillian Mok

Dr. George and Dr. Lillian Mok were the first married couple, who were physicians, to come from China to work in Windsor.
Dr. George Mok is a graduate of Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Medical College, Lingnan University, Canton, China. Dr. Lillian Mok is a graduate of Central University, Nanking, China.
In 1949 Dr. Lillian Mok came to Canada and repeated her internship (required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for all foreign graduates) at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. She did her residency training in pediatrics and after obtaining her pediatrics fellowship she started her practice in Ottawa. Dr. George Mok came to Canada in 1951 and also repeated his internship at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. This was followed by almost three years of training in surgery. He then obtained his specialty training in cancer treatment and was certified as a Radiation Oncologist. George and Lillian married in Toronto in 1957.
They moved from Ottawa to Windsor in 1959 with their one year old daughter Victoria. Dr. George Mok began his long years of service in the cancer center at Metropolitan General Hospital as a Radiation Oncologist while Dr. Lillian Mok opened her private office to begin her pediatric practice.
Dr. George Mok was appointed as CEO of Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in 1984. He retired in 1992.
In 1985 Dr. Lillian Mok founded the Teen Health Centre with help from many professionals and volunteers. During the first four years she was the Medical Director. Eventually the organization was recognized by the Provincial Government and has received ongoing funding since then.
In 1990 Dr. Lillian Mok resigned as Medical Director from the Teen Health Centre to concentrate her research in children’s mental health. In 1996 she was founder of the Children’s Health Care Network which was recognized by the Ontario Government in 2004 and granted financial support. Dr. Lillian Mok retired from medical practice in December 2004.
The Mok’s have two children. Dr. Victoria Mok Siu, a pediatrician and medical geneticist who is an associate professor of pediatrics and biochemistry at the University of Western Ontario and Dr. James Mok, who is a psychologist practicing in Vancouver, B.C.
Over the past forty odd years both Drs. Mok have worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Windsor community. Even today in their retirement they are still volunteering.