Tom Ing Family

Tom Ing

Grandfather Chi Goon Ing came to Canada in 1903 from Guongdong Province, China. In 1918, Tom’s father Wai Kee Ing came to Canada after paying the $500.00 head tax. He went to elementary school for three years and worked at a restaurant after school. Wai Kee Ing went back to China in 1921 to get married. Subsequently, he went back to China five times and fathered five children. Dr. Tom Ing and his older brother came to Canada in 1949 to join their father. Wai Kee Ing had arranged for the brothers to work in a restaurant in Stratford, Ontario. A customer who happened to be a school principal encouraged Tom to study, and made arrangements for Tom to enter grade nine. In 1958 Tom Ing was accepted by the University of Western Ontario Medical College and graduated with a medical degree in 1961.

He interned at Harper Hospital of Detroit and completed residency training in ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology at Henry Ford Hospital. Dr. Tom Ing began practicing in Windsor in 1967. He met his wife Sandra when she was studying for a masters degree in organic chemistry at the University of Western Ontario. He married Sandra in 1961 and has three children. Dr. Melissa Eve Ing is a professor at the University of Connecticut Health Center School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Edsel Bill Ing practices at the East General Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Sabrina Yun Ing is a general practitioner in Toronto. In 1964 Sandra was the first woman to receive a doctorate degree at the University of Windsor.